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Fishing in St Pete Beach during fall offers some of the best opportunities for fishing charters in Florida. As the hours of darkness increase, fish are triggered into preparing for the colder months ahead. Fish begin to feed more heavily, which is great news for anglers as fish lower their guard for extra food. We’re here to help you know exactly how and where to benefit while fishing St Pete Beach in the fall.

Find Snook in the Bays

Snook fishing is on fire during early fall. With air temperatures still pleasant, snooks are still in their summer patterns even though they’ll soon head to warmer spots. The best time to fish for Snook in St Pete Beach during the fall is still early in the morning and evening, especially around the bays and residential docks as they hunt for scaled sardines, killifish and shrimp. Many people consider snook fishing to be more consistent during September than August.

Hungry Redfish in St Pete Beach Bay

As fall arrives, Redfish gather together for spawning. The flats and mouths of St Pete Beach Bays are often considered the entry and exit areas for many Redfish. Many St Pete Beach fishing charter experts suggest fishing here, while on the lookout for mullet schools. Mullet begin preparing for the colder months here by foraging in the grass beds for crabs, shrimps and small baitfish. Redfish love capitalizing on what mullet stir up, so healthy numbers can be found. October is considered Redfish month!

Trout Gets Easier

As the cooler months arrive, Trout fishing becomes easier. The boiling hot summer months push trout out into deeper waters, where they’re harder to find. With fall’s arrival, trout move into the flats and shallower waters. Trout can’t resist a shrimp, mullet, pinfish or other baitfish so lure them in on negative low tides.

Fun Mackerel and Kingfish in St Pete Beach

Fall promises big schools of Kingfish and Mackerel in St Pete Beach’s bays and off the beaches. They’re some of the most fun to fish in St Pete Beach during fall, for all skills and ages! Kingfish can be caught in many ways, including using live bait such as Ladyfish, Blue runners and Shad.

Grouper High In Demand

There are still great opportunities to catch one of Florida’s most wanted fish, Grouper, during fall in St Pete Beach. Start with cut bait, then drop a line pinfish. When you feel the pull, you’ll know as you’re about to have the fight of your life!

How is Fishing in St Pete Beach During Fall?

While summer fishing is fantastic, the heat can sometimes be draining and uncomfortable. Fall brings with it unique qualities, such as more comfortable temperatures and tonnes of hungry fish! The action can explode at any moment; there is no better time to go fishing in St Pete Beach than during fall!

St Pete Beach Bay Water Temperatures During Fall

Month Min °F Max °F
September 83.7 85.6
October 78.9 83.3
November 72.2 77.5
December 66.6 70.5

Source for St Pete Beach Sea Temperatures

Book a Fishing Charter in St Pete Beach for Best Results

Your best bet for fishing in St Pete Beach during fall is always to book a fishing charter.. Our captains are experts in all things Florida fishing, and during the fall months, can take you to the hotspots for inshore and deep-sea fishing.

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Had a great day on the water. The boat was first class and offered a smooth ride. Our guide Martin was very knowledgeable and worked hard to get us on some fish.
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Had a great day on the water. The boat was first class and offered a smooth ride. Our guide Martin was very knowledgeable and worked hard to get us on some fish.
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We had a GREAT time. The captain and mate did all they could to insure we had the very best experience. We caught five king fish including two well over twenty pounds and several snapper. It was virtually nonstop action. I highly recommend Yachtfish fishing charters.
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