Kingfish Are Running in St Pete Beach This Fall

Kingfish Are Running in St Pete Beach This Fall

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Updated: 9/14/2021

As water temperatures begin to drop, action-packed Kingfish runs are being found in St Pete Beach, Florida. As Kingfish migrate, we’re finding large groups of them, providing nonstop action and multiple hook-ups!

St Pete Beach Kingfish Report

Out on our St Pete Beach fishing charters recently, we’ve seen large migrations of Kingfish as the water temperatures drop to around 77 degrees. As it gets down to about 72 degrees, the height of migration will be in action! Here’s the secret:

Tips for Fishing for Kingfish in St Pete Beach

Where to Fish for Kingfish?

Within eyesight of the beach, we’ve caught these king mackerel, anywhere from 5-35 pounds! Kingfish love to spend their time off the beaches, piers, busting on bait or chasing deep fish schools in deeper waters.

When Is The Best Time to Catch Kingfish in St Pete Beach?

Just before dusk or in the early morning is considered prime time, but we’ve had success throughout the day. Although they can be caught year-round, fall is the time to go fishing for Kingfish, as the water temperatures are perfect for finding large groups in migration.

What Gear Do You Need to Catch Kingfish?

Kingfish are very aggressive and have razor-sharp teeth. So appropriate gear is a must! You need a reel with a good amount of spool capacity and good cracking power to handle their fighting spirit.

What Bait Do You Need to Catch Kingfish?

Kingfish love blue runners; it’s like candy to them. But they’ll also hit other live or dead bait fish as well as spoons, jigs and large fish plugs. We’ve recently found success fishing for Kingfish in St Pete Beach using sardines, threadfin herring and mackerel

How to Catch Kingfish in St Pete Beach?

The best bet is slow trolling, fly lining with no weight added to the rig. 1 to 3 knots is preferred. Trolling in bait fishing locations proves a success every fall! Here’s your reward:

Delicious Kingfish!

Kingfish are more than just fun to catch – they’re also delicious! They provide ample meat, and various restaurants around St Pete Beach, Florida will cook your catch for you. They can be fried, baked, broiled or smoked. As a warning, children and pregnant women should avoid consumption due to high mercury content.

Kingfish Records in Florida

Kingfish over 20 pounds are known as ‘smokers’. Those between 5-8 pounds are known as ‘snakes’. The world record for a Kingfish catch is a 97.8-pound kingfish found last year off Fort Lauderdale! Here’s how you can catch one yourself:

Book a Kingfish Fishing Charter in St Pete Beach

We know all the hotspots for catching these feisty mackerel in St Pete Beach and would love to help you get your hands on one! As the temperatures drop, now is the ideal time to go fishing as Kingfish begin to migrate. Where it’s inshore or deep-sea fishing that you desire, YACHTFISH Fishing Charters has you covered. Book your charter with YACHTFISH today to have the adventure of a lifetime.

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Had a great day on the water. The boat was first class and offered a smooth ride. Our guide Martin was very knowledgeable and worked hard to get us on some fish.
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