It’s Tarpon Fishing Season in Florida!

It’s Tarpon Fishing Season in Florida!

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The moment anglers have been waiting for, Tarpon fishing season in Florida is here! Tarpon are one of the most fun fish to catch in our waters. We’ve already got our hands on some surprisingly big catches in early May and they keep coming. Are you ready?

In short: Tarpon are everywhere. So if you want them, let’s go!

Tarpon Fishing Season Is Here!

It’s true that you can catch a Silver King pretty much year-round here. But when the waters start to heat up around May, then the Tarpon fishing season in Florida really kicks into gear!

May marks the start of Tarpon’s southern migration, with thousands of these shimmering beauties hitting the beaches, passes and other waters throughout Tampa Bay and St Pete Beach.

The Catch of a Lifetime

It’s the time to get out on the water if landing a Tarpon is your goal. At this time of year, boat traffic is light too, so sight fishing for these beauties rolling on top of the water is incredible! We’re getting multiple bites and catches every day.

As we head into June, we’re entering the peak of the season. Soon, there will be Tarpon galore! Sight fishing in shallow water is also a blast closer to the beaches and in the passes in the Gulf of Mexico.

As we head into July and August, boat traffic will pick up. Tarpon fishing season in Florida will still be great, but our options and freedom on the water become a little more limited, so let’s go fishing ASAP.

Why Is Tarpon Fishing in Florida So Great?

Tarpon are one of the world’s most prestigious game fish. Luckily for you, we’re in one of the world’s Tarpon fishing hotspots.


We guarantee you’ll experience an action-packed, heart-pounding day on the water. From the moment they leap out of the water, you’ll hear their gills rattling as they make hard runs in all directions. You’ll need a lot of energy to reel in a Silver King, as they make powerful tugs on your line.

Silver Kings Are Stunning!

They’re not just trophy catches for their fight, though. They look stunning.

Known as the Silver Kings, their shimmering, chromatic appearance never fails to take our breath away in the sun. They’re totally unique.

Best of all, they can grow up to 8ft and well over 200lbs! They often live for decades and consistently give us big catches. The record was a 243lbs monster.

Think you can beat it? Then make the most of the Tarpon fishing season in Florida.

Regulations on Tarpon Fishing in Florida

Tarpon are a catch-and-release only fish. That means it’s legal for purely sport fishing. It’s all about fighting one to the surface and enjoying its beauty before letting it back into the Gulf of Mexico. Though if you’re pursuing a state or world record, we can get permission to retain the catch.

We’re allowed to catch one per person. Here at YACHTFISH Fishing Charters, our expert Captain Matt Douglas knows how to protect the Tarpon while still giving you a bucket list photo.

Tarpon Fishing Charters in Florida

If you’re interested in booking a Tarpon fishing charter in Florida, then contact us today. YACHTFISH Fishing Charters provides fishing charters to anglers of all skills and ages. With over 30 years of experience, you will have new memories for a lifetime!

Book now during Tarpon fishing season in Florida before we’re sold out! Let’s go fishing! CALL or TEXT: (727) 433-4200

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Matt Douglas

Captain Matt Douglas is the founder of YACHTFISH and is a licensed United States Coast Guard 100 ton Master Captain. Captain Matt grew up on the waters of Tampa Bay and lived and worked in Costa Rica for over 11 years. He has extensive experience in Central America, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Florida. Captain Matt is a tournament-winning captain who has an intense passion for boating, fishing and creating life time memories for his Clients. These passions, combined with his experience, were the catalysts for YACHTFISH. Captain Matt is laser-focused on what he enjoys the most, and knows the best, in Tampa Bay and Costa Rica.
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