Red Snapper Season Reopens October 15th for Deep Sea Fishing!

Red Snapper Season Reopens October 15th for Deep Sea Fishing!

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Red Snapper season in Florida is reopening October 15th and our Deep-sea Fishing charters will be back out on the Gulf hunting for these truly delicious fish.

Our state-of-the-art deep-sea fishing boat is perfect for your own private action-packed red snapper charter – come with us while they’re biting. We guarantee a catch!

Fishing reservations are limited and are going fast, so book now to avoid missing out!

Why Is Red Snapper Season Reopening?

  • 2021’s Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper season for federally permitted charter boats closed on August 3rd, but…
  • NOAA Fisheries determined that the annual catch target was not reached during the open season.
  • So the Gulf federal Red Snapper Season is reopening for fishing charters at 12:01 a.m. on October 15, 2021 until November 6, 2021!
  • 670,113 pounds of Red Snapper is left to be caught this year!

Our rugged Deep-Sea Fishing Boat Is Ready!

To mark the reopening of Red Snapper Season, our newest addition to the fleet is a 32ft SeaVee center console deep-sea fishing boat. It’s the perfect blend of power, size and comfort.

The powerful diesel engine sits in the center of the boat, providing a super smooth ride and great stability – which is very important for deep-sea fishing.

  • 32ft SeaVee Center Console
  • Built-in tackle station
  • Huge baitwell
  • Technique-specific rod holders
  • Great leaning posts
  • Cuts through water effortlessly
  • Comfortable and family-friendly

Red Snapper Facts:

  • Highly sought after for their delicious taste
  • Up to 40 inches long!
  • Up to 50 lbs!
  • Fast, reactive fighters
  • Pinkish-red bodies, fading to white belly
  • Can live more than 20 years! (Some have even lived for up to 60 years!)
  • State Record: 46 lb 8 oz, caught near Destin, Florida
  • Bag limit: 2 catches per person, per charter trip.
  • Fishing seasons are designed to sustain the Red Snapper population.
  • Red snapper feed on fish, crab, worms, shrimp, squid, octopus and plankton.

Top Reasons Why You Need to Go Red Snapper Fishing

1. Action-Packed Adventures!

These beauts make our job easy – they guarantee an action-packed, exhilarating fight!

Hooking onto your line at depths of around 80-300ft, you better get ready! Red snappers shoot all over the place, making you work for your trophy.

Red Snappers head to bait fast and will shoot all over before you reel in a shimmering red beauty. Over the years, we’ve seen them nibble the line a bit – so a soft touch is needed prior to setting the hook.

2. Perfect For All Skill Ranges

Known for being big, but not too big, Red Snappers are a realistic catch even for beginners.

Our charter Captains are used to welcoming families and groups of all ages and skills. If this is you or your kids’ first time fishing, we’d love to show you the ropes.

If you’re a seasoned angler, then let’s go break your personal best! Our Captain will provide great company and will share their impressive knowledge to help create the trip of a lifetime.

3. Red Snappers Are Delicious

Why is Red Snapper Season so popular? The taste. Their moist, firm texture has a sweet and slightly nutty taste. Loved throughout Florida, Red Snapper can be broiled, grilled, steamed, pan-fried, baked or deep-fried at home or by a nearby local waterfront restaurant, once we’re back on land.

4. The Escapism of Deep-Sea Fishing

During Red Snapper season, our deep-sea fishing charters will take you out far from land, where it’s just you, the boat, your friends or family and the mysteries of what lurks below.

Relax and hear the gentle waves against the boat, feel the sun on your skin and breathe in the fresh salty ocean air. You’ll gain a perspective on Florida life, unlike any other.

There are moments out on deep-sea fishing trips where you’ll forget about everyday life, especially appreciated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. The Unexpected!

One of our favorite things about deep-sea fishing is the mystery of the unexpected.

In route, we’ll pass all kinds of fish species and wildlife. We’ll catch live bait too, from little squids to medium-sized fish. So, it’s not just all about Red Snapper.

The ocean will provide surprises, you never know what’s going to bite!

6. Life-Long Memories

Deep-sea fishing is a truly unique experience. It provides moments and memories that will last a lifetime – especially if it’s you or your kids’ first fishing trip.

Hook a Red Snapper, and you can get a photo of them holding it to display in your family home forevermore.

Fishing charters provide great opportunities to bond with friends and families. There are no distractions, just focused teamwork, laughs or time to sit back and relax with the ones you love.

2021 Red Snapper Season Statistics:

  • The Gulf’s Red snapper’s total recreational quota is 7,399,000 pounds.
  • Private angling is allocated 57.7% of catches with 42.3% allocated for for-hire fishing.
  • 2021’s federal for-hire quote is 3,130,000 pounds whole weight.
  • NOAA Fisheries estimated that Gulf for-hire recreational trips have caught 2,177,887 pounds of the 2,848,000-pound red snapper annual catch target.
  • There is an estimated remaining 670,113 pounds whole weight of Red Snapper left to be caught!
  • The average recreational catch rate for Red Snapper is 30,292 pounds whole weight per day.

Book a Deep-Sea Fishing Charter During Red Snapper Season

Book Now to Avoid Missing Out!

Red Snapper season is one of the best times of year for anyone looking to go deep-sea fishing in Florida. The season will close in November, so now’s the time to book your slot!

We’ve been paying close attention to where to go for red snapper season this year, so fear not, we’ll get you there!

From October 15th until November 6th 2021 we’ll be out on the water every day. Spaces are going fast, so remember to book your own private fishing charter now to avoid missing out.

CALL or TEXT YACHTFISH Fishing Charters: (727) 433-4200

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