Celebrate the New Year with a Florida Fishing Charter Adventure!

Celebrate the New Year with a Florida Fishing Charter Adventure!

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Florida fishing charters are the answer for anyone looking for a last-minute Christmas present or a way to celebrate the new year! Bookings are still available for early 2022, but are going fast!

Perfect for families and friends, you can kick off your new year with a thrilling, truly unforgettable day out on the Gulf with those you love most.

We guarantee a catch!

Book Now to Avoid Disappointment!

Booking in advance is highly advised to miss out on the January spots going to someone else.

Call or text (727) 433-4200 today, we’ll listen to what you want or advise you on what is best!

Why Do Fishing Charters Make Great Gifts?

Family Bonding Moments!

Booking a Florida fishing charter is a useful and reliable gift for every family member. Everyone from parents and brothers to kids and your buddies will love it.

They’re also great bonding events, which make them great for family gifts. We often take parents with kids, when they’re looking for quality time together. These days, it’s hard to find focused time with your kids doing something special – but our Florida fishing charters allow it to happen.

Out on the water, distractions are gone. While we travel to our fishing hotspot, it’s the perfect time for bonding, talking to your loved ones and having a great time.

Show Some Love to the Fishing Fan in Your Life

Fishing charters are every angler’s, fishing fan or nature enthusiast’s dream day out. Trust me; we see it all the time – it’s a dream to be able to go out on the water on a state-of-the-art boat and to get your eyes and hands on one of nature’s true beauties (or beasts)!

Make Memories with Friends!

We also often get groups of friends on board, having the time of their lives. The jokes, laughs and teamwork is rarely found anywhere else in our opinion. Bring some beers and snacks along too and the entire trip from harbor to the Gulf is endless fun.

Fishing Charter Ideas to Celebrate the New Year!

Looking for some ideas on how to celebrate the new year with a Florida fishing charter? Here are our suggested highlights:

Go as a Group to the Mysterious Deep Sea!

Deep-sea fishing takes us far away from land, miles out onto the Gulf of Mexico. That makes for a truly epic full-day experience.

The journey itself is enough to remember for years to come. We’ll see marine life up close, catch buckets of bait and surprises, before the main event – going after something big!

Whether it’s a grouper, red snapper or big tuna, this is your chance to catch a trophy fish!

Deep-sea fishing trips are the best ideas for groups wanting to spend several hours together, taking in nature and working together for a trophy catch.

Stay Inshore for Instant Action! Perfect for Kids!

Inshore fishing doesn’t take you to the deep blue, but instead keeps you close to beautiful flats that are teeming with fish!

Winter is great for inshore fishing, as fish like Redfish start hanging out in warmer waters near rivers, creeks, mouths, docks, points and channels.

Staying close to the shore, these Florida fishing charters provide consistent bite and minimal waiting time.

The fish put up great fights, making fierce runs as they shimmer under the surface.

Inshore fishing is also perfect for families and friends who are unlikely to be keen on going out far, which can seem daunting for some people.

It’s also far more manageable for kids who don’t want to travel too far or lose interest. It’s a short trip, then bang! It’s fishing time! Plus, the wait for that first bite is far quicker.

Be Brave, Go Shark Fishing!

Starting the new year off with a big, brave, confident thrill can’t be topped more than going after a shark. Can it?

Sharks are active all year round, so January is as good a time as any.

In terms of fishing charters, this is arguably the ultimate. Sharks are the ocean’s icons and they will give you the thrill of a lifetime. You will not forget it.

Shark fishing charters are also fantastic for putting you up close with wild sharks. Out on the ocean, they aren’t behind glass and are truly stunning to see with your own eyes.

Get a picture and brag about it forever.

COVID-19 Safe Days Out

We understand that COVID is a health concern that sadly persists.

Fear not, our Florida fishing charters are one of the safest COVID-19 activities you can enjoy these days.

With the abundance of fresh ocean air, COVID is an extremely minimal risk. We also clean every inch of our boats after our bookings, ensuring any virus germs are gone before you step onboard.

Hand sanitizer is provided and groups are private only – so it’s just our captain and your bubble.

We also understand that most people want to come on a Florida fishing charter to forget about COVID.

Our trips will provide peace of mind away from all the restrictions, stress and usual concerns that come with indoor activities in 2021.

Best Places to Go Fishing in Florida in January

You can’t lose out by going fishing around Tampa this winter, specifically around Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St. Pete Beach.

Water temperatures will be between 72.9°F and 57.4°F, with mild and comfortable air temperatures providing great conditions all month.

Book a Florida Fishing Charter for New Year

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate 2022 or provide an exciting gift, then contact YACHTFISH today to book a Florida fishing charter for the new year!

With our expert captains, we’ll provide the experience of a lifetime for all groups – including amateurs, expert anglers, kids, friends, grandparents and colleagues.

YACHTFISH provides Florida fishing charters from Clearwater, St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach and Tampa Bay.

Remember, advance booking is highly advised. Let’s go fishing!

Call or text (727) 433-4200 to get started.

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Matt Douglas

Matt Douglas

Captain Matt Douglas is the founder of YACHTFISH and is a licensed United States Coast Guard 100 ton Master Captain. Captain Matt grew up on the waters of Tampa Bay and lived and worked in Costa Rica for over 11 years. He has extensive experience in Central America, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Florida. Captain Matt is a tournament-winning captain who has an intense passion for boating, fishing and creating life time memories for his Clients. These passions, combined with his experience, were the catalysts for YACHTFISH. Captain Matt is laser-focused on what he enjoys the most, and knows the best, in Tampa Bay and Costa Rica.
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Kimberly Patterson Avatar
We booked a four-hour out of St. Pete Marina. One of our best trips ever. Capt. Scott was very knowledgeable and took us to several great spots. Caught fish, had fun, great value, what more could you ask? We will be back.
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I had a wonderful experience with Captain Johnny and Cooper! They were polite, kind, professional, and experts. Don’t let their age full you, they are extremely skilled! I enjoyed my experience, and highly recommend them! Planning my trip for next month with them!
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Captain Johnny and Scott were great!! I knew going in the tides were not in favor of fishing, but they both busted their tails to put us on fish and bring home a meal. Will be rebooking with them for sure!
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We had an amazing time on YachtFish with Captain Johnny and Cooper! They were very welcoming and made our time super fun. Our time in the ocean was absolutely unforgettable and we will do it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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