Tarpon Season Provides the Thrill of a Lifetime in St. Pete Beach!

Tarpon Season Provides the Thrill of a Lifetime in St. Pete Beach!

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Tarpon season is well underway here in St. Pete Beach for 2023! The weather has been outstanding and the water is clear, which has made for perfect Tarpon fishing conditions.

Our YACHTFISH team has been out on the water recently and had some of the best Tarpon fishing around St. Pete Beach in years. They’ve been swimming in large schools, stretching up to a mile long! We’ve been drifting right into the middle, giving our YACHTFISH Fishing Charter clients an easy target.

If you’re interested in a Tarpon fishing charter in St. Pete Beach, FL, we highly advise that you book in advance. Spots are going fast, with Memorial Day weekend and summer vacations bringing in tourists from near and far!

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“The Thrill of Our Lives” – Tarpon Season Is Here in St. Pete Beach!

Here’s what our recent YACHTFISH Tarpon fishing charter clients had to say;

1. “Thanks so much, that was the thrill of our lives! My nephews and my brother were totally blown away by the experience you gave us. Getting that close to the fish and seeing the kids’ faces when the fish leaped in the air was wild. Seeing all the sea birds and other wildlife on the route was the chef’s kiss. Thanks so much!”

2. “My Tarpon fishing dream came true. This was the next step I needed in my angling game, and the catch I made was unforgettable. Thanks so much for showing me the ropes and making the day perfect. I’ll be back!”

What Makes Tarpon Fishing So Great?

When we think of Tarpon, we think of one thing – adrenaline!

Characterized for their incredible leaps, hard runs and rattling gills, The Silver Kings will get your heart pounding!

Tarpon often grow to trophy sizes, making every Tarpon season in St. Pete Beach a thriller. We’re always on the hunt for more!

After a soul-freeing journey through the fresh salty air, we’ll throw a line and wait for the Tarpon to bite. Tarpon are plentiful now, so hopefully it won’t be long! And then, hold on for the show!

The Tarpon will crash through the waves, shimmering in the sun. It will take your breath away. They’re considered by many as the pinnacle of sports fishing for this reason!

The Silver Kings are great at evading fishing charters, so we often turn the engines off and listen out for their rattling gils and gulping breaths. With the clear water here around St. Pete Beach, the naked eye has a great view at spotting them below the surface.

They’re big strong fighters so you’ll have to work! Our experienced St. Pete Beach Tarpon fishing charter captains will help you and advise you as needed, so you get that catch!

You can expect a stunning acrobatic show, with massive dives, violent head shakes, jumps and even flips! We’ve seen fights last up to an hour long. You’ll get your money’s worth!

Where to Fish for Tarpon in Pinellas County

Florida is considered the world’s hot spot for Tarpon Fishing. And Pinellas County’s sub-tropical climate and beautiful coasts offer the best of Florida!

The beautiful waterfront community of St. Pete Beach offers crystal-clear waters plunging into the Gulf of Mexico. Here it’s home to the annual arrival of thousands of hungry Tarpon hanging out around bridges, beaches and near shore in the Gulf of Mexico. And just around the corner from St. Pete Beach, Tarpon will be in pods throughout Tampa Bay.

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When Is The Best Time to Go Tarpon Fishing in St. Pete Beach

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Facts About Tarpon:

  • Tarpon can grow up to 8 feet.
  • Tarpon can weigh up to 280 pounds.
  • Tarpon can live for over 50 years!
  • The oldest Tarpon in captivity died at 63 years old.
  • Tarpon can be found in Brazil, the Western Atlantic, the coast of Africa and the Caribbean Sea. However, Florida is the best place to catch Tarpon in the world!
  • The Silver Kings are Florida’s premier game fish.
  • Tarpon have a unique ability to gulp air at the surface when they’re in waters that don’t provide enough CO2.
  • In Florida, Tarpon can only be fished recreationally. Most people practice catch and release, as Tarpon isn’t considered to be great for eating (due to the large number of small bones).
  • Anglers can keep Tarpon for trophy purposes at $50 per tag, per fish.

Tips for Catching Tarpon in St. Pete Beach, FL

  • Live, cut and artificial baits all work great for catching Tarpon.
  • Tarpons swimming near banks and flats prefer artificial baits, such as jigs and swimbaits.
  • Cut Mullet, Plugs, Ladyfish and Menhaden all work well.
  • The tackle selection shouldn’t be too light, as Tarpons are large and powerful! You don’t want to exhaust them too much.
  • A seven-foot medium action rod with a very heavy reel is often preferred (our Captains will provide the gear and optimal tools on the day).
  • Spinning tackle is great in open water.
  • Baitcasting is also decent, around structures such as bridges when you need to lure fish out of their cover.
  • Fly fishing should use a fly that contrasts with the color of the bottom.
  • Use warm fly colors for sandy floors.
  • Use green or blue around dark grass.
  • Slow-sinking toads are often irresistible for Tarpon in shallow waters.

What to Bring on a YACHTFISH Tarpon Fishing Charter?

  • Layered clothing to adapt to changing weather conditions.
  • Non-skid rubber sole shoes.
  • A swimsuit, if you want to take a dive!
  • Seasickness medication, if you’re at risk of it.
  • Waterproof bag for your personal items.
  • Sun screening products and protective clothing, shades and hats.
  • Your Captain will provide water, ice and a cooler, but consider bringing food, drinks and snacks too!

Book a St. Pete Beach Tarpon Fishing Charter Now!

CALL or TEXT: YACHTFISH CHARTERS (727) 433-4200 today to book a Tarpon fishing charter in St. Pete Beach!

Booking in advance is highly recommended, as we are set to sell out soon. If you miss out on the peak months, you’ll have to wait until next year!

YACHTFISH will provide a Tarpon experience second to none with Tarpon Fishing Charters from St. Pete Beach. St. Petersburg, Clearwater Beach and Tampa Bay.

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Had an awesome time! Highly recommend these guys, nick was the best captain we could have! He was on it from beginning to end, really made the Father’s Day special for us. Thank you guys
Kyle White Avatar
My 12 year old son and I booked our charter the night before and we had the BEST day. We were on the fish right away and the boat ride was so fun. Scott and Austin were unbelievable, and got my quiet son chatting and smiling from ear to ear... read more
Rachel Dunlap Avatar
Incredible fishing trip - Sam and Maverick got us on fish fast and kept us catching the whole day. They were always trying new things to catch different types of fish and were super helpful and informative. Made our experience great!! Will definitely use Yacht Fish again!
Zach Schopp Avatar
What a great trip this was. I have been on a lot of charters all over the country and out of the country and Sam and Patrick are two of the best captains I’ve ever had. I will definitely be coming back to fish with these guys in the future.... read more
Josh Osich Avatar
Great day on the water with Yachtfish. Captain Pat and Mate Hunter were very knowledgeable and friendly. They went out of their way to make it a great experience for everyone from the kids to the grandparents. Lots of action all day and a full fish box, can’t ask for more.
George Blanco Avatar
We booked on Saturday for Monday so I appreciate them fitting us in. We went with Captain Scott and it was amazing!!! He’s extremely professional and customer oriented. He was super patient with my partner who’s never fished before and made sure he had a great time. My balance is... read more
Kimberly Patterson Avatar
We booked a four-hour out of St. Pete Marina. One of our best trips ever. Capt. Scott was very knowledgeable and took us to several great spots. Caught fish, had fun, great value, what more could you ask? We will be back.
Mark Hansel Avatar
I had a wonderful experience with Captain Johnny and Cooper! They were polite, kind, professional, and experts. Don’t let their age full you, they are extremely skilled! I enjoyed my experience, and highly recommend them! Planning my trip for next month with them!
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Captain Johnny and Scott were great!! I knew going in the tides were not in favor of fishing, but they both busted their tails to put us on fish and bring home a meal. Will be rebooking with them for sure!
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Highly recommend Captain Scott!!
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