10 Reasons to Go Fishing with Your Kids This Summer in Florida

10 Reasons to Go Fishing with Your Kids This Summer in Florida

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Are you looking for ways to make this summer as exciting and memorable as your kids’ dream it will be? YACHTFISH’s Private Fishing Charters can be the answer! These trips are multi-hour adventures, designed to get the heart pumping and jaws dropping! (Pun not intended, though we do offer shark charters too).

YACHTFISH’s expert captains regularly take families of all ages and skill levels on unforgettable fishing hater trips, including inshore and deep-sea fishing charters. We’ll provide all the safety gear, expertise and navigation skills needed (along with buckets of enthusiasm and fishing facts)!

Why You HAVE To Go Fishing with Your Kids in Florida this Summer

1. It’s Great Fun!

The number one reason to go fishing with your kids this summer is that it’s just great fun! There are few things more exciting than hooking a fish for the first time. But with YACHTFISH the entire day is a rush. The anticipation, the moment the engines roar, the splashing of the waves, the education, the wildlife, the laughs. You can’t beat it!

Did You Know: Around 55 million Americans go fishing every year!

2. It’s a True Escape

Without wanting to sound like boomers, it’s fair to say that kids these days spend a lot of time indoors and looking at screens. By going fishing with your kids this summer in Florida, you can get them out and unplugged!

Out on the water, you can’t turn to the internet as easily. It’s just fresh ocean air, your family, friends and the possibilities that lurk below! Taking a break from normal life on land can be great for mental health.

3. They’ll Gain Confidence and Empowerment

Fishing builds confidence. As a child, it’s hard to know what you’re capable of. But when kids get their first catch with YACHTFISH, we see them feel immense pride.

Controlling your actions and finding empowerment in them can be a great boost to self-confidence and teach them that they’re capable of great things. Plus, it’s normal to be a little scared at first but they’ll gain new levels of bravery once they achieve their catch!

4. They’ll Learn Respect and Responsibility

Teaching kids to fish teaches them responsibility and respect. They’ll understand how their actions impact the ecosystem of the ocean and how their behavior on the boat affects the overall outcome for the crew.

At YACHTFISH we regularly hear reviews from clients who say their kid had a turning point with understanding their responsibilities after going fishing.

5. They’ll Learn About Nature and Marine Line

Going fishing with your kids this summer in Florida provides a great opportunity to learn about nature and marine life.

We will see dozens of fish species on the water, as well as wildlife such as seabirds and maybe even dolphins! This is a far more immersive and memorable learning experience than a textbook. This is a chance to get up close and personal with creatures that share the earth with us all.

6. They’ll Learn About Florida Culture

There are 3.1 million anglers in Florida, with saltwater fishing contributing $9.2 billion to Florida’s economy annually. It’s a huge part of life here, and showing your kids it can help them understand their hometown better.

From seeing other anglers at work to talking to our expert Captains, your kids will experience firsthand the daily life of Florida’s coastlines. You can also take your catch (if the species is permitted) to a nearby restaurant for a truly fresh meal after the YACHTFISH Fishing Charter experience is over.

Did You Know? Florida is known as the “Fishing Capital of the World” due to having over 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and 2,276 miles of coastline.

7. You Can Enjoy Family Bonding time

Trust us when we say there are few better ways to bond with your kids than going fishing during the summer in Florida.

Away from the distractions of tech and everyday life, your kids will be working alongside you to get a memorable catch! Fishing charters aren’t constant action, so there will be a lot of time to sit around talking about anything and everything. You can take in the sights, laugh yourself silly, or sit back and relax.

But when it’s action time, the teamwork really begins! Maybe you’ll be helping your kids reel in their giant catch, or they’ll be spotting for you as you try to hook a beast!

8. You’ll Make Memories That Last a Lifetime

YACHTFISH Fishing Charters make memories that last a lifetime. These are unique experiences, where families come close together away from the stress of everyday life. You’ll be working together, sharing laughs, overcoming hurdles and in the end gaining a great reward.

That photo of you all with the catch can take pride in the family home, and one day you’ll all look back. “Remember when we caught that massive Tarpon?”

9. They’ll Learn How to Fish

Well, this one might seem obvious, but what a skill it is to learn to fish! One day out opens the door to a lifetime of fishing experiences and possibilities! They’ll learn about how to handle and look after fishing tools, how to identify species of fish and discover the craft of reeling in their catch. It can become a family tradition or invoke a new interest in nature.

Did You Know? Florida has more world-record catches than any other state or country. The largest fish on record was a 123-lb Alligator Gar caught in the Choctawhatchee River in 1995.

10. They Can Improve Their Motor Skills

Fishing requires various motor skills. Children can enhance their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity through these activities, contributing to their overall physical development.

Book a St. Pete Beach Fishing Charter for Families Now!

CALL or TEXT: YACHTFISH CHARTERS (727) 433-4200 today to book a fishing charter in St. Pete Beach for your family.

Booking in advance is highly recommended, as we are set to sell out soon. If you miss out on the peak months, you’ll have to wait until next year!

YACHTFISH will provide an unforgettable experience second to none with Fishing Charters from St. Pete Beach. St. Petersburg, Clearwater Beach and Tampa Bay.

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