Spring Break Fishing Trips to Florida

Spring Break Fishing Trips to Florida

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Want to make unforgettable memories with your friends or family this spring break? Then it’s time to plan a spring break fishing trip to Florida! With beautiful beaches, famous attractions, great accommodations and stunning nightlife, the coasts of Florida provide the best location in the U.S. to go on a spring break fishing trip.

How To Plan a Spring Break Fishing Trip to Florida

YACHTFISH’s Florida fishing charters take students from near and far on incredible trips every year. Here’s how you can get started:

Do I Need a Fishing License For a Spring Break Fishing Trip in Florida?

In Florida, you can only go out on a licensed fishing boat, which means using a private fishing charter and you do not need a license. This option makes it easy-peasy, as you just arrive and go fishing!

Choose Your Fishing Charter Type

What kind of fishing experience do you and your friends want? Put simply, you can choose between ‘deep sea fishing’ and ‘inshore fishing’.

  • Deep sea fishing: A 6-10 hour experience, where the captain takes you far out from the coast to hunt BIG fish from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. Deep sea fishing charters require more travel time, allowing for more bonding time and the chance to truly escape everyday life. Trophy-sized fish are likely, as are hours of fun, laughs and intense teamwork.
  • Inshore fishing: A 4-8 hour experience, where the boat stays within sight of the coastline. Dropping bait in shallower waters is a more immediate and action-packed option. Inshore fishing is often better for beginners, as the duration is shorter.
  • Booze Cruise: Alternatively, you can forget catching fish and instead take a truly unique excursion tailored to your specific requests!
    Hiring a private boat and Captain provides a Booze cruise featuring good music, drinks, laughter and fun as you see stunning wildlife, Dolphins, Manatees and breathtaking views.
  • Dolphin Tours: Similarly, our Dolphin tours give you the chance to get up close and personal with the Gulf coast’s favorite marine mammals. These trips are perfect for families with young kids that want to get out on the water for the first time.

What fish Do You Want to Catch on Your Spring Break Fishing Trip to Florida?

Deciding what fish you want to catch can help you know what type of charter you want and will let your charter Captain take you to the right hotspot.

It’s also fine if you’re new to fishing and don’t really have any preferences. Our YACHTFISH Captains won’t let you down!

Here are some popular fish to catch on spring break fishing trips in Florida:

  • Tarpon (Inshore)
  • Snook (Inshore)
  • Trout (Inshore)
  • Redfish (Inshore)
  • Black Drum (Inshore)
  • Kingfish (Inshore and Deep Sea)
  • Grouper (Deep Sea)
  • Snapper (Deep Sea)
  • Cobia (Deep Sea)
  • Tuna (Deep Sea)
  • Mahi (Deep Sea)
  • Shark (Deep Sea)

Read our guide on the best deep-sea fish to catch in Florida here.

Do You Want to Eat Your Catch?

If you want, you can keep your catch and take it to a local restaurant when you return to shore. They’ll prepare it and serve it fresh, so you and your friends experience a truly fresh seafood dish.

This is a great way to conclude your spring break fishing trip to Florida. And it also gives you extra motivation to catch something special and big while out on the water!

Book Your Spring Break Fishing Trip to Florida in Advance

Spring break collides with an increasing interest in Florida fishing. As the weather warms up and the fish come out, so do the anglers. YACHTFISH fishing charter spots will be going fast, so don’t delay. We advise you to call us directly, to avoid missing out.

Best Spring Break Fishing Locations and Beaches in Florida

Ok, next you’ll need to decide on where to go on your spring break fishing trips to Florida. Be careful to check that you don’t head to a place that is in the process of clearing up from Hurricane Ian.

Yes, we’re biased but here’s why we believe Pinellas County proves the best launching point for your trip:

  • St. Pete Beach: The coastal city of St. Pete Beach is ranked as the best beach in the U.S.! Friendly, relaxed and always primed for spring break, you’ll find food, drinks, shops, entertainment and bars. Our fishing charters leave from St. Pete Beach every day, providing a quick and direct route to the best hot spots on the Gulf coast. Want white sands and a party? Look no further!
  • Tampa: The nearby city of Tampa is a blend of history and modern life, that makes for a vibrant vacation. Cuban and Spanish culture are found in hip bars and modern restaurants. That’s not to mention things like the Busch Gardens theme park and the nearby nature reserves!
  • Clearwater: As the name suggests, Clearwater is the place to go for pristine white beaches and clear blue water! Dining is superb and hotels here are perfect for spring break fishing trips in Florida.

Do I Need To Know About Fishing Gear?

Nope! Our YACHTFISH Florida fishing charters don’t require you to know a thing about fishing. Our Captains provide all the gear, bait, safety equipment and fishing tips. Of course, if you know a thing or two, don’t hold back! We welcome amateurs and experts (and anyone in between).

When is Spring Break in Florida 2023?

Florida’s spring break varies with each university and college’s schedule. But it begins in late February and ends in mid-April. The peak time for spring break partying and hype will be around mid-march.

Primary and secondary school schedules generally align with Easter, which is April 9 this year.

What to Expect for Spring Break in Florida

Accommodation prices have risen since COVID-19 hit, with hotels charging as much as $600 in the best locations. Thankfully, Florida’s beaches are packed with hotels for all budgets. We also recommend checking public campgrounds, private RV parks and Airbnb.

Hurricane Ian has affected some coastal areas, such as Fort Myers Beach that are still in the process of cleanup. There will be no spring break there. But areas such as St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Clearwater and Tampa are doing just great and are ready to welcome guests from across the country.

The fishing is hot! Be prepared for plenty of Kingfish, Snook and Trout, with an increased number of exciting Tarpon as spring progresses!

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Book a Spring Break Fishing Charter in Florida Today

We welcome you to call YACHTFISH today to book a Florida fishing charter for spring break. Our expert Captains have decades of experience helping anglers of all skill levels and ages to live a day they’ll never forget. Whether you’re on the hunt for your record catch or are looking to learn, CALL or TEXT: (727) 433-4200

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