Tarpon Fishing in St. Pete Beach! Peak Season Is Here!

Tarpon Fishing in St. Pete Beach! Peak Season Is Here!

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Tarpon Fishing in St. Pete Beach! Peak Season Is Here!

Tarpon season in St. Pete Beach is here! The big ‘Silver Kings’ have finally arrived in local waters and we’re already getting our hands on some epic catches!

Fishing fans from near and far are arriving for Tarpon in St. Pete Beach, Tampa Bay and the surrounding waters. Tarpon season will be in full swing until August, when it will fade away.

Book Now to Avoid Missing Out!

Our tarpon fishing charters in St. Pete Beach are selling fast! This is one of our busiest times of the year, with everyone desperate to catch a Tarpon. We advise anyone interested to get in ahead of the crowd and book your own private charter in advance.

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Why Is Tarpon Season Here?

Every April, when the water temperatures rise to around 75 degrees the Tarpon arrive! Thousands of Silver Kings swim in from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico as they leave their winter hideouts. We get lucky as they flood St. Pete Beach and its surrounding areas with shimmering silver beauty!

These big-game species are suddenly visible in all accessible inshore and near shore waters.

We see massive schools and waves of Tarpon migrating every year while hugging our beautiful coastlines. We will be able to hunt Tarpon for literally miles and miles!

Why? Because as the water warms up, the Tarpon’s metabolism speeds up. And lucky for them, the warmer weather brings out all the other fish so Tarpon can feast all summer long.

Why Is Tarpon Fishing So Popular?

Tarpon put on an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping show with fast turns, leaps and hard runs. Tarpon will give you an epic fight never to be forgotten. You’ll need to be hands-on and alert! We guarantee your heart will be pounding when they surface and you hear their legendary gills rattling. The jaw-dropping Silver Kings put on a show unlike any other.

On our St. Pete Beach Tarpon fishing charters, we’ll give you the experience of a lifetime.

Whether you’re a first-timer with your kids, or an expert angler looking for a personal record, our Captains will customize a trip that gives you a bucket list experience!

Out in the fresh sea air, you can forget about life on land and experience Florida in a totally unique and must-see way! The salty breeze, the wildlife, sea birds and quality time are hard to find elsewhere.

Our Guests are always saying how great a bonding experience these trips are. That’s especially true when it comes to Tarpon. As you get pushed to your limits, you’ll come back feeling proud of yourself and your teamwork!

Many of our Guests end the day by heading to a nearby restaurant. Tarpon are a catch and release fish, but the food around St. Pete Beach is to die for, with seafood restaurants, sports bars and kid-friendly menus lining the coastlines.

Why Summer Is Great for Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon travel across pretty much every type of terrain during their summer migration. That gives us great chances to catch them with our preferred fishing style at any time! Here in St. Pete Beach, with the clear water and light bottom, fly-rodders and other sight-casters are common. But if we go fishing near channels, points, inlets or passes, then live bait is usually the way to go! We’ll also look out for Tarpon feeding on schooling bait fish around St. Pete Beach. Our Captains are on the water every day, so they know all the hotspots!

Why St. Pete Beach Is the Best Place for Tarpon Fishing in Florida

St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach are also considered some of the best Tarpon fishing spots in the world. The sub-tropical climate and unspoiled waters make for beautiful and ideal fishing conditions. Plus, there are loads of restaurants nearby to enjoy after your day out on the water!

While clear water is important, sunlight is also helpful for Tarpon fishing. It allows us to use our eyes to spot Tarpon below the surface. With the weather beautiful right now, St. Pete Beach and Tampa Bay’s waters are proving great for spotting schools of 100-pounders even when they’re hugging the bottom! With better depth perception, we’ve got a better chance of catching your personal best.

The Silver Kings are notorious for sneaking past fishing charters. That’s why we often turn the engines off and listen out for the distinct sound of the fish gulping air. Using ears to guide us, we’ll soon notice their splashes and protruding fins! Then it’s action time!

Florida Tarpon Fishing Regulations

Tarpon has a catch and release-only regulation in The State of Florida. You can only keep your catch if you are seeking an IGFA world record and have purchased a Tarpon tag that costs around $50.

How to Spot Tarpon?

You can identify Tarpon by looking out for their shimmering silver scales, with a dark blue-green back. They will have one dorsal fin and large scales. Their mouths point upwards.

How Big are Tarpon in St. Pete Beach, FL?

Tarpon are known for growing as much as 8ft long and over 280lbs! The oldest catches were over 50 years old! In captivity, the oldest Tarpon is reported to have died at the age of 63.

The average Tarpon catch will be around 100lbs and usually between 11-13 years old. These are not small fish!

Florida’s record Tarpon catch was 243 lbs. We dare you to find bigger!

Tarpon Fishing Season in St. Pete Beach:

  • January: Poor
  • February: Poor
  • March: Good
  • April: Great
  • May: Peak
  • June: Peak
  • July: Great
  • August: Good
  • September: Good
  • October: Average
  • November: Poor
  • December: Poor

Book a St. Pete Beach Tarpon Fishing Charter Now!

CALL or TEXT: (727) 433-4200 today to book a Tarpon fishing charter in St. Pete Beach!

Booking in advance is highly recommended, as we are set to sell out soon. If you miss out on the peak months, you’ll have to wait until next year!

YACHTFISH provides private Tarpon Fishing Charters from St. Pete Beach. St. Petersburg, Clearwater Beach and Tampa Bay.

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