Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Kingfish Fishing Charter in St. Petersburg, Florida!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Kingfish Fishing Charter in St. Petersburg, Florida!

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Booking a Kingfish fishing charter in St. Petersburg for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect way to celebrate time with your family or friends, as you’ll make memories that last a lifetime!

BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment, as we have limited time slots. All our fishing charters are private experiences. So it’s just you, the Captain, and your party. CALL or TEXT: (727) 433-4200

Here’s an overview for all things Kingfish and Thanksgiving fishing charters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

What to Expect from a Kingfish Fishing Charter for Thanksgiving?

Going on a Thanksgiving fishing charter in St. Petersburg, Florida is a truly unique opportunity as you’ll enjoy a bucket list experience.

Our expert Captains will take you out into the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, close to the beaches or inshore into Tampa Bay. They know the best Kingfish fishing hotspots. On the way, you’ll catch various smaller bait fish while spending quality time with your friends and family.

You’ll see Florida marine life up close (maybe even Dolphin or Manatee) and feel the fresh ocean air in your lungs. Once trolling or anchoring over the Kingfish hotspots, it’s action time! You’ll have to use some patient techniques to lure in Kingfish, but once they’re hooked, you’ll be pushed hard. They put up an adrenaline-pumping fight! Think you’ve got what it takes?

Our Thanksgiving Fishing charters in St Petersburg are also great for bonding with your friends and family, as you’ll work together as a team and are guaranteed to catch fish and have fun.

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Why Catch Kingfish?

Kingfish are hot during fall! There’s no better time to head out into the Gulf or stay inshore to catch these beautiful and unique fish. Plus, they are great table fare!

They’re a very sought-after catch for local anglers, with their stunning blue, green, and silvery shines guaranteed to make your jaw drop. Once their wide eyes surface, you’ll face an epic battle with a fish from anywhere between 5-30 pounds; though some can grow as much as 50 pounds! Let’s see what you can catch.

Eat Fresh Kingfish for Thanksgiving Dinner

Make your 2023 Thanksgiving meal a unique one, by taking your fresh Kingfish catch to a restaurant near our docks. The chefs will happily prepare your catch in various styles, such as fried, grilled or broiled. They’re delicious and provide a soft, melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

On board our state-of-the-art boat, we’ll keep your catches on ice so they’re fresh when we’re back on dry land.

Fall Kingfish Tournaments in St. Petersburg, Florida

November is also a great time to go on a Kingfish fishing charter in St. Petersburg if you’re interested in the local Kingfish fishing tournaments.

From November 9th to 11th, you can participate in the 30th annual largest Kingfish Tournament with over 600 teams. This is a 3-day festival, with 80 marine vendors, shows, kids zones, food, drinks, and concerts. It’s a free event.

There are also many other local tournaments in November, so if you’re interested in competing just give us a call and we will try to help you win!

Best Baits and Tricks for Catching Kingfish:

Kingfish are hungry fish and feed primarily on schooling bait fish and squid. They are commonly caught while trolling with flashy spoons or rigged with a whole Cigar Minnow. Free lining or slow trolling with live baits (Cigar Minnows, Herring, Sardines, Blue Runners) is a great way to hook the larger and more solitary Kings. Tackle requirements depend on the size of the fish and the method of fishing. Spinning or bait-casting tackle with a 20-pound to 30-pound monofilament line is sufficient as long as you have enough spool capacity for the initial run after hookup. The initial run is commonly over 100 yards!

Best Kingfish Fishing Spots in Florida:

The Gulf of Mexico, both offshore and close to the beaches, is prime for Kingfish in fall, with the warm waters off St. Petersburg making for ideal habitats. You will also find them inshore in the shipping channels of Tampa Bay. The rich marine life also makes our St. Petersburg Kingfish fishing charters a lot of fun, as you never know what other mystery catches you might make.

When Is The Best Time to Catch Kingfish in St. Petersburg, Florida?

Spring and fall are the best time to catch Kingfish in St. Petersburg as it’s the peak of their migration. During this time, the warm water temperatures make for ideal habitats but without the chaos of summer fishing traffic.

Generally, early morning and late afternoon fishing are the ideal times to catch Kingfish as it’s often clear so you can spot and target the fish.

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St. Petersburg’s Monthly Kingfish Fishing Report:

January: OK

February: OK
March: Good

April: Excellent
May: Good

June: Good

July: Good

August: Good

September: Good

October: Excellent

November: Excellent

December: OK

When is Kingfish Season in St. Petersburg, Florida?

Kingfish season is open year-round in The Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

Kingfish (King Mackerel) Bio:

Kingfish, also known as ‘King Mackerel’ have a unique body shape, with a nearly flat, wide bottom and narrow top. They almost look triangular when viewed front-on. Kingfish also have large sail-shaped front dorsals and rounder, low-back dorsal fins.

Despite their name, they’re far from being the largest fish you’ll find inshore or in the Gulf. That doesn’t mean you can’t hook a monster one, as Kingfish can grow up to 72 inches.

Kingfish are found anywhere between inshore coastal waters to deep sea waters, congregating around structures such as piers and wrecks. Their spawning season is mid-summer and they will migrate from south Florida in Winter and North in Spring.

Florida Kingfish Fishing Regulations:

The FWC regulations for King Mackerel are:

  • Size Limits: 24 inches in total length (any shorter must be released)
  • Bag Limits: Two fish per person, per day. Six fish per vessel
  • Catch and release is encouraged

Book a Kingfish Fishing Charter in St. Petersburg, Florida for Thanksgiving


If you’d like to book a Thanksgiving fishing charter in St. Petersburg Florida, then look no further than YACHTFISH Fishing Charters.

Booking in advance is highly recommended for this time of year, as demand remains high.

YACHTFISH Fishing Charters has enjoyed over 20 years of experience in St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Tampa, and Clearwater while guaranteeing you a catch every time! We welcome all ages and all skill levels, from young novices to experienced anglers.

CALL or TEXT: YACHTFISH CHARTERS (727) 433-4200 to book a Kingfish fishing charter in St. Petersburg today! Or BOOK NOW at www.yachtfish.com

YACHTFISH will provide an unforgettable experience second to none with Fishing Charters departing daily from St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Tampa and Clearwater.

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We booked a four-hour out of St. Pete Marina. One of our best trips ever. Capt. Scott was very knowledgeable and took us to several great spots. Caught fish, had fun, great value, what more could you ask? We will be back.
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